A little about us...

We believe in the value of financial freedom and independence, and want to empower people across the globe by leveraging the possibilities bitcoin provides. Whether it's bringing financial services to the unbanked, making advancements in the future of money, or providing new capabilities that were previously thought impossible, we put our passion into our work and it shows.

We achieve these goals by focusing on the experience we provide our users. We measure success by the ease with which new and non-technical users can get started using our products, and by the high level of security we are able to offer behind the scenes. Many believe bitcoin can be easy or secure, but not both; we have broken the mold and proved that is not true.

We offer all of this through our iPhone and Android apps, and are excited to have you experience the power of bitcoin in the palm of your hand.

Bread is a venture-backed company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with customers in over 150 countries.

Aaron Voisine

Silicon Valley veteran. Expert in user design.
Past: Yammer, Banjo, Lightt co-founder.

Adam Traidman

Serial management professional. Angel investor.
Past: Cadence, Chip Estimate, NASA JPL

Sam Sutch

Polyglot developer and 10-year Silicon Valley veteran. Outdoors enthusiast.
Past: Yammer, Lightt co-founder.

James MacWhyte

Talented technologist and absorber of information. Japanese rockstar.
Past: Coinbase, Kraken, Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup

Aaron Lasher

Early bitcoin investor. Sailing circumnavigator.
Past: Marketing exec, Reach The World co-founder.

Brent Traidman

Chief Revenue Officer
Revenue machine architect. Digital money maker.
Past: Silicon Valley sales executive, VC